This online workbook has been developed for senior undergraduate and graduate students learning to solve the structures of organic compounds from spectroscopic data. Most problems contain an IR spectrum (film or KBr pellet), a 500 MHz 1H NMR spectrum, a 125 MHz 13C NMR spectrum, and a 70 eV electron ionization Mass Spectrum. In the 1H NMR spectra, the phrase "exchanges" means that shaking the NMR solution with D2O resulted in loss of the signal due to H/D exchange. Most of the NMR spectra are image mapped; clicking on a mapped region of a spectrum will display an enlargement of that region.

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This workbook is maintained by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame.

  • Dr. Bradley D. Smith
    Emil T. Hofman Professor of Science
  • Dr. Bill Boggess
    Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • Dr. Jaroslav Zajicek
    Diretor Emeritus, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Supported by Cottrell Scholar Award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement and NSF Awards CHE 95-01166, CHE-0748761, CHE-1058699, CHE-1708240, and CHE-2103598.

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